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True Mentorship is non-negotiable for young aspiring entrepreneurs

As a young aspiring entrepreneur or one who has gained experience, but has failed and now has no direction, this advice is for you…. I have failed abysmally in a few of my ‘visionary ventures’ but I was not privileged enough to have a mentor guide me and help me avoid the inevitable pitfalls. I […]

True Entrepreneurship is failing abysmally

If anyone told you Entrepreneurship was a smooth journey with no pitfalls then historically we should carefully analyze the ‘Great’s and see just how they failed abysmally, that too at a ripe old age and then progressed to become the Icons of success and we know who they are.. However, the beauty for me almost […]

Confused Entrepreneurs still taking the plunge…

I wrote an article in October 2014 on the subject of “True Mentorship is non-negotiable for young aspiring entrepreneurs” and I was overwhelmed by the viewership. So before I proceed let me take this opportunity to thank everyone for your support, also the many messages and questions received. The outcome for me was fulfilling because […]

Companies who overlook employing entrepreneurs are losing money!

Hahaha… I love this topic, it is onus to me and why? Because each time I apply for a job I am refused no matter how much I fit into many holes and could probably save the organization tons of monthly salaries, incentives and bonuses, simply because they have limited beliefs and visions. I do […]

My focus on UAE National Entrepreneur Training

As a national assigned to Emiratisation as the Affirmative Action Manager with the abolition of apartheid in South Africa, I was responsible for creating unique initiatives to uplift previously disadvantaged communities by integrating them into corporations and organizations to assume roles they were trained for during this program. This process was not only challenging but […]

Entrepreneur exposure and elevation is KEY today!

A key element in successful Entrepreneurship is INTENTION as it is the most powerful force pertaining to enrichment of an Entrepreneur and the 360degree circle of their being. Initially venturing into Entrepreneurship can be unsettling, especially when you don’t really know if you are venturing into the best business suited for you and if you […]

BOOK NOW! Why is it so hard for people to be sincere with themselves about their Debt-Crisis?

Think this is a tough question? Think again, because my mind boggles each time I am faced with a person who is consumed with Debt but continues to live in denial and it beats me! I have justification in making this statement and most of it stems from my ongoing Debt-Crisis Workshops I am planning […]