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A Transformer of lives to fulfill their passions and purpose to the fullest. Experienced serial entrepreneur and mentor, also debt coach. Published Author of the Embrace Financial Series and writer for I am an IT/Telecoms/ITIL Engineer by profession, also a Banker, however my business experience covers a vast segment where high-end Strategic Business Consulting also forms a core components of my business. I welcome young Entrepreneurs and those who have wild dreams of success, please do drop me a line!

Interested in investing in UAE Real Estate? Now is the time!

Dear Investor Clients, Currently UAE Real Estate is booming and no doubt we will witness the next 6 awesome years of Real Estate appreciation and value, as we see just how prices are rising, Developers are launching new Projects, where Investor interests are all comfortably regulated and protected by the Regulatory Authorities. I have listed […]

My list of Published Embrace Financial Series articles in Dubai’s

If you or anyone you know that is close to you is facing a Debt-Crisis in the UAE or anywhere else in the world, then share these invaluable articles with them, or if this is your situation, please do take the time to read them. I have tried to cover most key aspects of finding […]

New Global Trend to acquire a Business Advisor

Recently there has been a growing trend of Dignitaries, Chairmen, Owners and Founders seeking sound business guidance on strategic issues and decisions they must take and most of the time it is always best to seek professional advice from an external expert, because they are neutral, their decisions are made based on logic, sound business […]

Why should you consider Business in the UAE?

As an experienced single female Serial Entrepreneur expatriate resident in the United Arab Emirates for more than a decade, I can assure you that there is no other country in the world where you can achieve great accomplishments, live in peace and safety amongst the most cosmopolitan nationalities that you probably won’t find in another […]

Why does the Value of Consulting still remain Intangible for Clients?

For more than two decades Consultants have been trying to professionally present their Talent, Knowledge, Expertise and Industry Experience to the prospective Clients, yet I find the most uncanny situation and this mostly from Expatriate Executives who insist on offering a Consultant the same assignment, on a commission basis. Then my advice is find a […]

So you lost your partial Investment in a property purchase and you don’t know how to recoup your loss?

  Easy… Many Investors lost deposits and partial payments on UAE Property Investments for some or other reason, where the ‘Credit’ System was attempted, resulting in Developers raising the sq ft pricing to accommodate those Credits as they did not receive the initial funding and this is absolutely correct. But, there is a way out…… […]

Our future UAE based Executive & Entrepreneur Academy is seeking Key Sponsorship

Our initiative is on hold in the interim, whilst we attempt securing Key Sponsorship for our future Events as we will be fully supporting young Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders to the next level. The Question is: ‘Why should you attend and what is in it for you or your Organisation?” The Answer is: This is […]

Facing a Debt-Crisis

The Financial Crisis hit most individuals, households and businesses very hard and although we were subconsciously aware that it would happen, when the bubble burst, we were mortified! Now you find after a few years, your Debt-Crisis has not exited from your being yet and perhaps it’s time to take stock, adopt a realistic viewpoint […]

Defining Entrepreneurship

My belief is that True Entrepreneurship is a Gift. Listen, we know we are different from a young age, most normal situations, beliefs, ways of doing things and the mindset is just off-course from everyone else. ‘We are just out of the box, in fact, there is no box!’, as US Confidence Coach, my friend […]