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Welcome to my Embrace Financial Series.

Here’s my initial Launch Video interviewed by US Entrepreneur and Owner of www.tvshowhow.com

Embrace Financial Series official Launch by www.tvshowhow.com

Embrace Financial Series was written with UAE Communities in mind, to serve them by sharing my personal experiences, ensuring they are confident to kick-start their Transformation onto their Road to Recovery!

Vol I & Vol II are already published on amazon.com where I am now convening Seminars in the UAE so I can get like-minds together in one room and thrash out the issues. I know people are engulfed with fear to face their Debt-Crisis however, fear is what will keep you from advancing and taking the first step to Recovery and yes it is hard at first, however, no tunnel remains dark and you can overcome any situation. I know because I have been there.

The key Topics I cover in a few hours with you are:

* Addressing how you feel right now.
* How to face and eliminate the fear that has engulfed your entire life and that of your family.
* How to transform yourself first, before you take a next step – Gaining Clarity of Thought.
* Chalking out your Plan.
* Facing your Creditors and establishing Integrity, Trust and Respect.
* Gaining the Confidence of your Creditor.
* Implementing your Plan of Action.
* Gaining the Love and Support from your Family.
* Rebuilding your Social Life with like-minds.
* Able to feel good about going to work again, or rebuilding your Business.
* Being a happy progressive individual who has learn’t new Tools and Practices to Overcome this Debt-Crisis.

I know getting people facing a Debt-Crisis into one room is a very hard Task, in fact everyone will be afraid, embarrassed and really do not feel like meeting other people. Let me assure you this is the best move you could make for yourself so I urge you to take that bold step, I know it isn’t easy, but it must be done.

Taking Responsibility is your Recovery Tool!

Here are the links to my 2 Publications:

Final Book Cover from JP

Embrace Financial Series Vol I: 10 Proven Ways To Release Debt & Emotional Fears In Today”s Economy

A few of the Reviews from the above link:

Most adults argued about money, and not really teach how to treat money. In my early years I learned a lot about where my money was going and at times the hard way. This book will teach you what most parents and teachers do not. Further, it provides practical knowledge to manage personal finance to help implement a financial security system to protect the family. Most informative I got lots of good input from this book, how to eliminate negative beliefs and form a better, more productive philosophy that actually works. I do recommend this book to anyone that needs to know the ins and outs of finance. I wish there was a book like this when I was in my teens”. By Lynn Batchelor London Ontario, Canada


“Theda’s openness and generosity of spirit pour through the pages. She matter of factually tells it like it is while giving simple (but not easy) direct steps to getting out of a dire situation. I encourage anyone that is suffering from the effects of extreme debt to read this and connect with Theda”. By Catlin V.

“When I first bought this book I was a little concerned it may be full of technical jargon I didnt understand – But I was quite wrong! This is the collected thoughts of a person who has been in a debt situation and has complied an approach to find a way out. And its not all about clever ways to move money around – it includes how we think about money and how we think about those to whom we owe money. The Author doesnt claim to be a financial genius – she does however present solid and thoughtful information and a way to ‘get your head around debt’ so you can start on the journey out of owing. It enjoyable and readable , thoughtful and thought provoking – Its certainly worth the investment!!” By Richard, Springston, New Zealand.

“We all have a relationship with money, but few of us are in touch with “that” part of ourselves. Such a relationship is normally accompanied with negative thinking, fearful thoughts and the HUSH of a topic long held taboo.
What an amazing message from Theda – an author who does far more than spout rhetoric about being in debt.. how we got there, the way it is destroying our lives, and the shame it washes about us. What she does offer is a clear directive… filled with clarity, direction and hope.

This is the kind of book that can impact the world as we know it… simply by giving us choice and empowerment over that financial part of our lives.
Thank you, Theda!

Anna Weber
Literary Strategist
Voices in Print (US)

Secure both copies here now!

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Vol II: Releasing Fear & Bouncing Back From A Debt Crisis

Bounce Back Book Cover slider

A few of the Reviews from the above link:

“This is valuable reading with a different perspective on how to bounce out of debt. Theda is walking her talk and shows how important it is to shift your mindset in order to live an abundant life – a life we all deserve – No matter how we choose to view our current circumstances”

Both vol. #1 & #2 in this series are highly recommended on this matter. Vibeke Carlsen, Denmark

“This book is fabulous for addressing the mindset issues associated with being in debt and getting out of debt.
Theda is an expert on finances as well as spirituality and the power of your thoughts. I highly recommend this book for anyone struggling in this tough economic situation”. Jacquelin Gioertz, US

“When you lived through the nightmare of the bottom and came out on TOP like Theda has, you will be rich with know how to do it… I interviewed Theda (the Author) on TVSHOWHOW and was very impressed with the passion she brought to the subject.
Want to get out of debt? Get this book… Thank You THEDA for writing it”. Amid Yousef, Founder, www.tvshowhow.com (US)

From experience I know that people facing a Debt-Crisis don’t necessarily wish to be in a room with others, I fully understand the embarrassment and other factors, so for my clients convenience I am arranging regular online Workshops and they are posted here from time to time. Next one is due soon, so watch this space! Now you can participate from the comfort of your home so please feel free to inbox me for any questions and be assured of absolute Confidentiality.

Thank You!

Honoured to Serve You!

Warmest Regards


PS: For Special Offer for both Embrace Financial Series books is AED 20.00 as I do believe anyone facing a Debt-Crisis needs to be guided with both books. For those outside of the UAE the price for both is $5.50.

Please note that I have had the Amazon pricing the same from the date of launch in 2011 and at the time was giving Free of Charge for the following years!

Grab your copies now below! These books will change your life and you will come to know that many have the same story.Once you have secured your payment I will email the copies to you, especially those in the UAE who are unable to download from Amazon.

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