Entrepreneur exposure and elevation is KEY today!

A key element in successful Entrepreneurship is INTENTION as it is the most powerful force pertaining to enrichment of an Entrepreneur and the 360degree circle of their being.


Initially venturing into Entrepreneurship can be unsettling, especially when you don’t really know if you are venturing into the best business suited for you and if you will realise the success you dream of and so the uncertainty is never uncommon, but the key is finding clarity and grounding, but most of the time you can only find that in a sound experienced resourceful Mentor with an excellent track-record.

Young Entrepreneurs are not prepared to invest monetary value into themselves, into their own initial grooming and utilize that as their launchpad. They would rather opt to converse with friends, who are perhaps not in business, but available to contribute their advice, however, when you are planning your future then the only advice you must consider is from an experienced Entrepreneur who has been there, who has practical ‘hands-on’ experience, has failed abysmally, picked themselves up and again created a marvel out of nothing because that is pure substance and integrity upon which you can rely and grow as an individual.

When you can allocate at least 10% of your investment budget into pure Mentorship then you have made the right decision, I would even go as far as saying 20% will never be a waste as it is knowledge and experience unavailable in academic institutions or stores. You cannot equate pure Mentorship to books, it is just not a means to an end, short-changing yourself and at the end you lose your entire investment because the advice you took, held no water or significance.

I would rather advise that you invest in Mentorship and it might be that you realize you are not ready and wish to put the entire venture on hold, or you realize your business choice for you was a mismatch and so you want to explore your true path with your Mentor first, bank your money and launch your venture when you are ready.

In this way you have lost zero and there were no risks, you only empowered yourself and unleased your own personal power.

More than often people admire successful Entrepreneurs, Sports Celebrities even famous Actors and Actresses without the realization that their outstanding performance was only due to securing a sound Mentor who could help them overcome their blocks and obstacles to ensure continuity of peak performance. Speak to any one of these individuals and you will find their first priority is securing a  Mentor and their last concern, is the fee and this is because their Return on their Investment will far super-ceded the initial investment invested.

Make sense?

Logically in the world this is the habit of the most successful because they realize that they need that personal support and direction to ensure they are not off-course and that they can sustain their successful performance.

My VIP Days and Premium Private Coaching delivers just this calibre of service and for my clients, once they embark on this path, there is no looking back, no regrets and no beating old stories as it is all new for them and they live happy fulfilled lives with the knowledge and experience I transpose to them to ensure their ongoing transformation.

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You will walk away with your very own personal Blueprint! PROMISE 🙂

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