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confused-signAs a young aspiring Entrepreneur, your enthusiasm, drive and determination, together with ‘money in pocket’, roaring to take the plunge ‘yesterday’, is what gives you tunnel vision and the inability to see that you need to take a good few steps back, review your true situation, evaluate your emotions and then jet off to find a trusted Mentor who will be your real guide and confidante, ensuring your future success.

When you are new at the business game and it looks and seems fabulous from where you are standing and you feel like you can almost taste your own success whilst reviewing someone else’s, then my advice is slow down, take it easy and first evaluate the situation for what it truly is and you might just be pleasantly surprise that you opted to take my advice you are reading right now.

It will not only serve you for the next few years, but for the years thereafter too. Remember, that money in your bank may be burning your brains right now as you have a determined desire to get your business into full operations, office, trimmings, staff, products, website and everything you planned.

However how long will your funds last? 6months, 1 year, 2 years? Or you are unsure?

One very key point you must know right now are these pointers below, review them, absorb them and churn them around in your brain:

  1. What works for an associate, friend or family, may not be the right business for you.
  2. Have you sourced advice from seasoned business individuals who are in business and have years of experience?
  3. Do you have a professional business plan, blue print or road map to guide you?
  4. Do you have a support infrastructure or a plan if your business fails?
  5. Do you have enough money or resources to sustain yourself for the next 12 months minimum?
  6. Have you done your due diligence and feasibility study on your new business?
  7. Do you know who your competitors are locally and globally and how you will compete with them?
  8. Do you know the pricing of their products and services and also their monthly and annual sales turnover?
  9. Do you know what your total start-up costs will be?

There are many more questions that I could list here but I am hoping that you covered all of the above very important facets of starting a new business and if your answer is no, then stop right there. If you have only covered 50% of these points, stop again and don’t move an inch until you connect with me.

The reality is if you are currently in a corporate job, earning a fixed monthly salary that is credited monthly to your bank account and that is all you know, then this new journey is going to require a large degree of transformation from within because in business, you stand last in the queue, after everyone else has been paid. If there is nothing left, then it means you don’t get paid, so you cannot pay your bills and sustain yourself and you don’t want to go there, trust me on this.

When you carve your own independent life and make your own living, then it requires absolute commitment, discipline, perseverance and all the very nice tolerable emotions we know of that most of us cannot conform to when we are in a negative situation.

Remember, you can throw good money after bad and so my urge is, don’t let this be your story as it takes years to recover. Business today is not like it was 5years ago, forget about 10years. Clients have threadbare budgets, they don’t spend money anymore like they used to and you must learn how to entrench yourself into niche markets where your products and services are in demand and so the money can flow and you can achieve your desired success.

If in doubt, I am here, complete the below form and I will revert at the earliest, so we can meetup, discuss and create your very own unique blueprint.

Currently I have a 2month Mentorship Program at a Special Rate of U$ 8,750 and after reading this if you register for my Mentorship, you will be afforded a discount of 10% immediately. Just ask me for the discount as I am closing this offer on the 30th November 2014.

Looking forward to your requests.

Kindest Regards



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