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As an experienced  Visionary Entrepreneur I value the importance of ‘paying it forward for upcoming generations’, not just providing them with Academic education, Graduate and post-Graduate studies at the finest global Institutions, but also ensuring that they gain the most advanced, experienced sound ‘hands-on’ practical business and personal life experience and exposure to fully equip them to face the challenges they must assume with absolute and complete confidence, knowledge and experience enabling them to fully embrace many years of hard toiling and building of their Predecessors.

This aspect of Successorship is so important there is no room for compromise or error because just like the finest education was availed to these upcoming generations, so too, this very important facet of a Legacy Organization and Empire must be viewed in the same vein.

Committing to Premium Mentorship for a tenure of 2years, means that the future Successor will understand the value that they must create for their upcoming generations in the future. They must learn the true value of building, creating opportunities and continue to maintain and grow the multiple revenue funnels that their Predecessors built from zero, to ensure the Legacy is ‘paid forward’.

What worked 30 years ago, may not be as relevant and practical today and unless a future Successor is professionally groomed they will not have an idea of how the wheels turn and what ensures they continue churning.

My focus for the 2 year tenure is solely on the successful outcome for the future Successor so I created a personal program to groom them both within a business and personal capacity, as business today largely depends on the individuals ability to effectively manage their lives, the stress, pressure, adversity and then still have to contend with allocating quality time to their family and enjoy their lives, whilst achieving continued success.

I am an extremely dedicated Mentor, with a variation of extensive business knowledge and experience, including having acquired gifts to enable positive personal transformations to effectively balance my life, ensuring I can continue to function as an entrepreneur and business individual.

This Mentorship is unique, it is a one of a kind commitment and my clients are assured of my trust, integrity and full support, including absolute confidentiality in dealing with them, their Successors and family members.

If you are a Legacy Founder, Chairman, CEO or business owner who feels that my Mentorship Program resonates with you and could be effective for your future Successor, or if you are  future Successor and wish to afford yourself of my Mentorship, then I personally extend my Invitation to you, to kindly complete the very brief form below and I will revert at my earliest convenience to secure an official confidential appointment with you, to discuss this opportunity.

I sincerely thank you in advance and look forward to your requests.

With Kindest Regards

Theda Muller


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