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As a national assigned to Emiratisation as the Affirmative Action Manager with the abolition of apartheid in South Africa, I was responsible for creating unique initiatives to uplift previously disadvantaged communities by integrating them into corporations and organizations to assume roles they were trained for during this program.

This process was not only challenging but hugely fulfilling for the candidates whom I selected and placed on the program ensuring a focused career path was created for them in the shortest possible time-frame and we achieved huge success. This was the most effective way to groom individuals with potential to achieve their own success and pay it forward for their upcoming generations, which would otherwise not be possible.

Back then the system was new, not well funded where external funding had to be sourced from corporations. However, in the UAE we have nationals fully supported in all facets the only assignment I see that is key is transposing knowledge, information and experience over to upcoming young entrepreneurs, ensuring their future success and hence my commitment to positively contribute independently to this initiative.

Why? Sincerely because the country afforded me more opportunities than I ever imagined to continue growing myself as an entrepreneur, achieving huge success where I got to meet, initiate sound relationships with local and international communities, learned their culture, methods of working and also gained international exposure at a very high level. This was not possible in my country at the time so my gratitude comes in the form of reciprocating and transposing that same knowledge and experience over to the young UAE National entrepreneur who will benefit from it as it is my first-hand practical experience, unavailable in books or stores.

My offerings are unique to me and I have also recently collaborated with a credible company who fully supports the commercial facets of SME’s where this is a crucial component of an SME’s business for the long or short term.

To give you an outline, my mentorship is focused on the following components of business.

1) Have you chosen the right business for you or are you pressurized into choosing a business that you feel you are not aligned with, but you want to make someone else happy or you are yielding to the pressure?

2) Whom have you taken advice from? Someone who has been there or someone who has no business experience?

3) Are you very familiar with compiling business plans, strategies and projections and are you satisfied with the outcome?

4) How have you ascertained that what you have in your hand is viable and will enable you to sustain your business and yourself? Very important.

5) What do you know about creating your brand both offline and online?

6) Do you know how to source resources and not necessarily the one’s that are housed in offices, who are unproductive and cost you money you don’t need to spend?

7) What about offline and online marketing? Are you familiar with globally aligned tools and techniques?

8) How will you ensure that you don’t end up working 24 hours, be continually stressed out, work harder but not smarter, don’t have time for yourself and unable to live a balanced productive life?

I cover many key areas so if you feel you need all of this mentorship then review my post of yesterday for my survey, complete it with your responses so I can see the areas that I need to address.

This is a closed-door Mentorship Day for UAE National Entrepreneurs only for the reasons mentioned above. I will be posted the actual Event soon so watch this space and if this resonates with you, then register now as there will only be 280 available seats at the Etisalat Academy in Dubai.

Any questions or clarity, inbox me, Thank you.

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