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If you or anyone you know that is close to you is facing a Debt-Crisis in the UAE or anywhere else in the world, then share these invaluable articles with them, or if this is your situation, please do take the time to read them.

I have tried to cover most key aspects of finding yourself in a Debt-Crisis, finding solutions creating an awareness for the future, so I hope you enjoy them and please feel free to leave your comments, I would love to hear your feedback!




There they are:

UAE Writer offers advice to people in Debt Crisis

Dubai-based Author’s Tips on how to get out of a Debt Trap

Reality-Check for UAE Residents: From flipping credit cards to a wealthy mind-set

How are you in the Sea of Debt – Afloat or Sinking?

Personal Finance: The Psychology of Debt… How to be ‘Free’ in the UAE

Personal Finance: Cold facts served warm for Debt Freedom in the UAE

Debt Target Audience in UAE: Check out if you are one among them?

How to be Debt-Free in the UAE

Expats who run away from debt in UAE… Click here to know how to stay put

Personal finance: How to gain inner strength while in debt crisis

Facing debt crisis in UAE… Click for tips on how to tide over

UAE debtors reluctant to face it

UAE banks… reclaim, but don’t destroy debtor

Employee debt status affects workplaces

What UAE employers need to consider for employees in debt

What not to ask when faced with a debt crisis in UAE

Personal finance: Bouncing back from debt crisis

Here’s how to meet your creditor with dignity in the UAE

What to do if you are downgraded at your workplace in UAE

Personal finance: How to avoid ‘fear factor’ when handling debt crisis in UAE

Let this be a personal invitation to open your heart and share your story with me, tell me where you are right now, your situation, progress to date and how I can assist you, because sometimes we cannot start this journey alone if we don’t have the right tools that can serve us.

We take responsibility when we start doing things for ourselves instead of avoiding it and thinking it will go away, because it never does, it just starts snowballing into an uncontrollable situation and then by the time it’s too late, you awake and then it’s really too late!

He who hesitates is lost, so is procrastination the thief of time! So if you are in this position right now, make a move and take the step into the right direction and you won’t be sorry.

Like I always encourage people, there is always a way, even if you don’t see it right now but when you put the gears into motion, the wheels start turning!

Write me today, not tomorrow or the next!

Kindest Wishes




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