New Global Trend to acquire a Business Advisor

Recently there has been a growing trend of Dignitaries, Chairmen, Owners and Founders seeking sound business guidance on strategic issues and decisions they must take and most of the time it is always best to seek professional advice from an external expert, because they are neutral, their decisions are made based on logic, sound business sense and a wealth of global business expertise within their domain.

Most Founders of large family Groups and Organizations and other hugely successful entities were absolute Visionaries and they left an irreplaceable Legacy behind for the upcoming Generations. So most of the time traditional norms were followed and why? Because it worked well all these decades however, currently and since the global financial crisis, it will become far less effective and unless the current Generations realise this, it could be a slow sinking ship.

There are so many key facets of business within a large Organisation that requires constant transformation and monitoring ensuring alignment with current global trends. The most popular quote ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, is long gone as rising Gen-Y Generation of young Entrepreneurs are far more ambitious than those that came up the line two centuries ago, so complacency has no place within a Corporation, the pace is fast and ever changing and if we don’t learn to acquire that mind-set, we will be left behind.

Business Advisers who are constantly shifting from country to country, or their focus in the same manner, those who are Visionaries and can identify key opportunities where others cannot or do not have the ability, should be afforded the opportunity to compliment an Organisation by contributing their unique skills.

However I find they are normally perceived as a threat to those in key senior positions, whilst I am sure they have no intention to pose any form of threat because they have learn’t to be their own individual, to create themselves and they are well aware of their talents and gifts that can only be an asset, not a threat.

It is time for people sitting in large Organizations in key positions to operate with an open mind, to welcome Visionaries who are an asset and to be susceptible to change, rather than remain within a complacent environment because that right there, is what will advance them, rather than their employers finally booting them out because of a lack of innovation and creativity and not being able to identify opportunities to foster productivity, peformance, staff advancement and finally, profitability.

In the world today there is no need to fear competition and have your back up against the wall if you continue to open yourself up to learning new things about your job or what is best for your Organisation in order for you to remain ahead of everyone else, or be a master in your field of expertise.

Change is always inevitable at some stage, unfortunately many are not susceptible and continue to either ignore the change they feel coming along, or just hope it will go away, but the latter never happens, rather we drown if we cannot change.

Many of these Owners, Founders and Chairman have identified this need and it is refreshing to see that it is valued for what it is worth and that they have openly embraced this change and the need for guidance from someone more professional within their domain. That is true Leadership and can only be admired as it is said that delegation is the key, Leaders do not do the work, they delegate and surround themselves with the very best to ensure their success.

So reinventing the wheel is not what it is about, reinventing yourself is key and nothing else matters.

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