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TD International FZC, United Arab Emirates, is proud to have entered into our 9th year of formation in the United Arab Emirates and it has been a memorable journey, filled with invaluable experiences, wonderful entrepreneurial spirited staff, invaluable Clients and unique Projects, Contracts and Agreements. I believe we have served the UAE and global Communities well and we continue to pride ourselves in our level of Quality Service rendered.

As the Owner and President, being an experienced Serial Entrepreneur and Visionary over the years, I found myself in remarkable business ventures and seized excellent opportunities afforded to the company. So in essence we have always strived to render ‘Turnkey Solutions’ where we serve as a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for our Clients.

Our expertise and experience is hugely vast as we continue to monitor local and global changing trends to ensure we are able to present the best Solutions without exception. Our post-project support is of a very high standard where many of our Clients have converted into treasured friends as we also take the time to nurture our Client Relationships, not only for a continuity of business, but also to add continual Value and create the much needed Value still lacking within corporations today.

Our Services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • High-end IT/Telecoms/Infrastructure Consulting – predominantly in 5-7 Star Hotels for exclusive Interactive Systems and Solutions, Biometrics, other Security Access & Controls, unique European Energy Management Systems, Application Solutions and other high-end Solutions.
  • Marketing Consulting – Opening new markets for new Clients, securing Appointments for new Business, compiling and formulating effective Marketing Strategies, Outsourcing Marketing components of the business to us, opening doors at the highest decision-making level both locally and globally, assisting new Clients to get their new companies off the ground in the UAE.
  • Business Development – Developing your new or existing business into a local or global market, sourcing same-type Partners and Joint Venture Partners, integrating the Marketing scope of work to deliver the best outcome, also Outsourcing Contracts with companies to further expand their reach and gain more market share.
  • Strategic Business Management – Scoping your Organisation which may include assessing the current Productivity and Performance and measuring them against a Best Practice Standard to produce a full Report with our recommendations, including a preferred external Vendor for the Implementation and Service Level Management. You may have identified this need due to a lack of growth, performance, productivity and profitability.
  • Real Estate Marketing & Consulting – We have been involved in Real Estate Consulting in the UAE from inception of the boom and have therefore also been involved in the restructure and consolidation process after the global financial downturn. We have expedited many successful Marketing Campaigns in this segment and therefore acquired invaluable experience. With the recent increase of inquiries in the market we continue to support incoming Investor Clients with relevant market information to ensure they are fully informed to make the right choices.
  • Online Portals and Online Marketing – We have acquired vast knowledge and experience in this segment of business, given the global popularity and demand therefore we can advise our Clients on new Marketing Strategies, implementing Social Media and effectively managing the same for business growth. With our history of creativity and innovation we continue to apply this to our new projects where we present the final project proposal or product as unique in the market. Branding experience formed a core component of our business from inception, as we had to apply those same principles to our business.
  • Feasibility & Market Reports & Studies – With our knowledge and experience we can provide the most up to date information as we are always in possession of current trends and markets and remain updated. So the information provided is very detailed and accurate.
  • Banks & Financial Institutions Collections and Legal Agreements – Since 2004 we have been actively marketing our key UAE Law, Advocacy and Collection Firms to local and international UAE Banks for Legal and Collection Agreements and also for Direct Sales Agencies (DSA’s).
  • Recently we ventured into actively marketing European Permanent Residency and Citizenship to the Arab communities in all the Middle East who wish to relocate and invest into European countries as we are collaborating with a key European Law and Tax Firm who are well established with global Accreditation and Recognition and therefore able to deliver this Professional Service to Clients

We look forward to your inquiries, please do email us at should you have a requirement that we can discuss. If not listed here, please just ask, we may be able to assist you.

Assuring you of our very best attention and service.

Kindest Regards

Theda Muller

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