So you lost your partial Investment in a property purchase and you don’t know how to recoup your loss?


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Many Investors lost deposits and partial payments on UAE Property Investments for some or other reason, where the ‘Credit’ System was attempted, resulting in Developers raising the sq ft pricing to accommodate those Credits as they did not receive the initial funding and this is absolutely correct.

But, there is a way out…… Many of the losses for employed individuals was probably from AED 200-600,000.00 on average 30%, depending on the original Purchase Price.

So say you now wish to find a way to eventually recoup this loss, so what is the solution?

Solutions are plentiful and can comprise of:

1) Negotiating with the Developer to consolidate 2 or more units, minimizing your Liability.

2) Transferring your a new Project they may have started and cancelled the original Project.

These are just 2 choices and I am a Specialist in this area and work closely with key Developers requiring this serve, or local and international Investors who are seeking these solutions and I come highly recommended. You should feel free to reference me with existing Clients whose Portfolio’s I have managed for years.

I am completely transparent, ‘what you see is what you get’ and I will source and secure all original documentation and courier it to you wherever you are in the world!

Currently UAE Real Estate is increasing, there are loads of completed units ready for handover and this is what you want, the KEY IN YOUR HAND, THE NEW PROPERTY OWNER! Developers are really open right now to accommodate Investor requests, so sincerely, you have nothing to lose!

As for new Investments, my advice is look for good developments where pricing is still reasonable and if you can secure such an Investment on a coastline, you have a winner. Many Investors look at Dubai, however the UAE has loads of beautiful Emirates that you really need to review for these Investments. So let us review the beautiful Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, which is where I currently live, on the coastline, where 5 & 7 Star Hotel Occupancy is almost 100% most of the time. Life is wonderful, total community spirit and you can make good friends, live a quality life, also for your family, much focus on families, communities, enjoyment, peace etc… which is why I live here and have returned from Dubai so many times!

Let’s continue the story…

So say you purchase a Studio Unit for AED 350,000.00, you pay a 25% Deposit, your Annual Service Charge of AED 10.00 per sq ft and your Unit is handed over to you, undercover Parking, fully equipped Gyms, Swimming Pool, Beach Access, Security etc… well maintained complexes.

Once your Unit is handed over you pay the balance in 24months…….INTEREST FREE, DIRECTLY FROM THE DEVELOPER!

Rent out the Unit and leave it to generate a Return On Investment.

Fast forward 3years with a minimum of 30% Return, means you can now sell for AED 490,000.00 and you are on your way to recouping your initial loss. If you can hold onto the unit for 5years, you will yield much more and it would have been totally worth it!

Speak to me if you are interested, I have attached a snapshot of the Project but can email you more information. Even if you wish to invest and you are overseas, then please be assured I have serviced many overseas Clients and I will send you detailed information and be your Consultant in the UAE, even to assist with renting the Unit, recovering your official documentation from the Developer and managing for you. I have excellent references!


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