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I am thrilled that you made the choice to attend the 1st UAE National Entrepreneur Master Class and for sure, it was the right decision to make for you!

Now for the time to confirm your attendance registration, please choose 1 of the 2 below options.

1. Should you wish to make an online payment via PayPal then click the link below:

2. Alternatively you may transfer or deposit your U$197.00 registration fee to my company bank account. However once you do this, kindly email a copy of the transaction to: for my records.You can also directly deposit the payment in any Mashreqbank cash deposit ATM (automatic teller machine). Again, just take a photo of the slip and email it to me, simple.

** If you choose option 2 then kindly email me the address above, and I will send you the company banking details individually, as I have not included it here for obvious reasons.

Your support is valued and appreciated, thank you.

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PS: One more favour, since you registered, you would really give me insight into your needs before the Event by completing this short survey so I can be only target with my mentorship. Thank you in advance, the link is below.

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