True Entrepreneurship is failing abysmally

If anyone told you Entrepreneurship was a smooth journey with no pitfalls then historically we should carefully analyze the ‘Great’s and see just how they failed abysmally, that too at a ripe old age and then progressed to become the Icons of success and we know who they are..

However, the beauty for me almost at the end of my journey was that I could:

1) Never be the strong self-motivating person I am today.

2) I could never say or do the things I do without flinching my eyelids.

3) I could never be the risk-taker I am today when I approach a new venture with lust, courage, determination and the staying power it requires to succeed again and again, after failing abysmally.

4) I would never have known what it was like to lose my job unexpectedly, find myself without a home and water to drink, to proceed to making millions just a few years later and actually holding a 1.2million Dirham cheque in my hand with tears in my eyes.

5) I would never have known what it was like to be thrown off my high horse and learn to be humble and not think I was the bees knees, because this is where I learn’t absolute Humility in the true sense of the word.

6) I would never have known the meaning of true friendship where people reached out to me, just because they could, just because they felt my need and just because they were real live true friends.

7) I would never experience helping the needy, from my heart, from my pocket, knowing I could put food on the table for them and their families back home and enjoy their Thanks and Gratitude, even today.

8) I could never have owned a few companies in my lifetime knowing that I cleared out my ‘To-Do-List’ and even super-ceded my own expectations. How many people get to live and fulfill their Dreams in their lifetime? Not many I can tell you so I am Grateful and Thankful for the opportunities afforded to me, the people who reached out to me in my worst hours because it molded me into a Rock that I still stand today for many who need my reach.

Synopsis of this story is, if you want Entrepreneurship and you have the strong feelings, then take the bull by the horns and embrace your calling, if not, find your calling, purpose and passion and do the right thing for you.

As Will Smith quoted: “Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do the thing you want to do” because you can, you just don’t know it right now but stay with it long enough and you will.

Entrepreneurship is a great awesome game, much fun, experiences and you get to live yourself out, you get to sleep late when others go to work, you get to earn in a day what others earn in month, you get to jump onto a plane whenever you wish, you get to create, innovate and play by your own rules but most of all, you get to serve people who love being served by you and enjoy the fulfillment that it derives and finally, yay, you get to be your own boss! No more dictating so learn to be truthful with yourself because you don’t want to have any ‘What if’s?’ one day.

Just go out and do what you were mean’t to do and do it well, with Purpose, a Vision, Goals, Dreams and the determination it requires of you!

Happy Landing!

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