Why does the Value of Consulting still remain Intangible for Clients?

For more than two decades Consultants have been trying to professionally present their Talent, Knowledge, Expertise and Industry Experience to the prospective Clients, yet I find the most uncanny situation and this mostly from Expatriate Executives who insist on offering a Consultant the same assignment, on a commission basis.

Then my advice is find a street runner who is quite willing to undertake this assignment at this basic agreement because certainly I won’t. Value is key to me, so is my reputation, the time I invested in myself, the operational costs for business, staff, etc… where you can never equate a true value to this Investment.

I believe in Referrals for Business and it is the reason I hardly ever advertise my Services, because my business is based on sound Client Relations over many years, decades in fact. This is also the dominant mode of Business in the Middle East because the trust factor is huge, so is the dependability, reliability and integrity. Keeping your word to deliver is key, not that it is not anywhere else in the world, but your livelihood depends on this.

Service Deliverable’s and raising the bar is the key to any successful business today, so people are still toying with words like Best Practice, EFQM and many other terminology, however it has a Value that must be identified, acknowledged and applied when discussing with Consultants.

A Consultant can be the most invaluable Resource for any business, purely because they are out of the box, they are external Resources and they can see things you can’t, being involved in the business daily. They are also exposed to ongoing changing global Business Trends, again something an Employee or Entrepreneur who is not too diversified, does not experience.

I raised this topic here because I feel very strongly about this when I am confronted with business individuals who don’t want to take the risk to invest in an experienced professional Consultant and minimize their journey and expenses, but rather opt for what is assumed the cheaper, no risk option, that results in an inevitable costly expense, more than they bargained for and the end result is reverting to the original Consultant.

You think this is strange? No, I have this happen to me numerous times and my line to Clients is, ‘If you don’t do it now, once it fails and you return, my cost is double!” 🙂

Important to really clarify to your Client and present your true Value and they might view it in the same light.


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