Why is it so difficult for many of us not to be HAPPY every single Day?

Tough question I guess?

Maybe I could expect answers like:

  1. You don’t know what my life is like?
  2. You have no idea what responsibilities I have?
  3. Life is tough!
  4. I can’t take the pace?
  5. How do you expect me to be happy when I never have enough money?
  6. I hate my job, so how can I be happy? I spend all my time at work!
  7. Nobody loves me…
  8. I am very lonely, nobody cares.

I guess I could probably fill this page with reasons that are all too common for centuries, not just now.



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The answer is ‘Sure you can! Anything and everything is possible, even pure Happiness when you know how to Create Your Own Reality!

What’s Reality? The process of Deliberately Creating the Life that you want, the Partner or Spouse of Your Dreams, advancing to the Dream Job, opening your own business that you are Passionate about, Receiving Love, Happiness, Joy and Kindness from everyone in the same measure that you Give it, being Grateful and Thankful for what you have right now, so you can Receive what you are Dreaming about…

Self-Love is Powerful and it starts with us, with you first, and once you can Connect to Yourself, Empower Yourself and experience your Wholeness and Fulfillment, the rest is history!

‘Women of Meaning’ was Created for this purpose, to elevate you to the next level; to help you Release your Fear, Resistance and Blocks so you can progress on the Path and in the Life you were Destined to Live.

Nobody deserves a mediocre life, just to be satisfied with our ‘Lot in Life’ because we all came forth with a sure Purpose which we feel in our Being and Soul and so it is our responsibility and duty to ourselves to reach out for that better life we know we are capable of achieving.

As Women, it’s tough to make decisions for our own Personal Development versus the ease of decision we take when it pertains to those who are precious to us, because we are nurturers, it is important that those whom we love, is comfortable and have all their needs taken care of, before ours.

Change sometimes requires tough decisions and a Call to Action because we all have something that needs rectifying, transformation, change and adjustment and when we share with same type beings, especially Women, the task becomes easier.

Women of Meaning is not about Empowering yourself as a Women to be in competition with others, or to create an impression with others, it is simply a Transformational process that gives you the Inner Power that will elevate you to gain more Confidence, be more Assertive, appreciate yourself first and learn to nurture the Gifts of Transformation that we teach you, because those Tools and Techniques will serve you for your Lifetime.

We know that our Seminars, Workshops and especially our Retreats are designed for specific women and so we also know that it will resonate with them when they receive it, so we have no doubt that the right Women will register for our Events and we are truly looking forward to meeting you all and being of Service to you.



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