BOOK NOW! Why is it so hard for people to be sincere with themselves about their Debt-Crisis?

Think this is a tough question? Think again, because my mind boggles each time I am faced with a person who is consumed with Debt but continues to live in denial and it beats me!

I have justification in making this statement and most of it stems from my ongoing Debt-Crisis Workshops I am planning from 2011, with very little mass attendance, in spite of receiving many emails from people facing dire Debt-Crisis in the UAE. I must admit sometimes I receive emails to my regular Newsletters asking me when the next Workshop will take place and then silence…

Analyzing the individuals circumstances is not rocket science, because if you ask, means you are facing a problem so while you are asking, why not open up and try to get the help you need. Why refrain from wanting to share your story and situation and activate your plan to be on your road to recovery?

How hard can that be? How unfriendly am I? How many times have I shared my story and people assume it’s easy? Quite the contrary and my primary reason for sharing was to initially encourage those facing the same problems, to come out of their closet because staying there, breeding and hibernating in that dark place where no light shines, will create a snowball effect both in the financial situation and emotionally. Procrastination is a disease that is instilled and that thrives within a Debtors emotions and whilst that is breeding, so is mounds of fear engulfing their being and of course they will feel that there is no way out!

As much as we would like to believe we are islands, the realism is that we are humans, so we thrive on the physical touch and contact we have with others daily. Communication is vital for existence, it makes us whole and it fosters well-being and a sound mind, which further ensures our ability to advance and achieve our goals, including continuing to foster sound relationships.

This is impossible when we are facing a Debt-Crisis, we have not acknowledged our situation, or we have not taken responsibility, or we simply don’t know how to handle it and take the first step forward.

I want to assure you that there is nothing unique about your situation because people experience this every single day, just we don’t know who they are because everyone walks around with a facade, pretending the situation does not exist, trying to live through each day with great difficulty and eventually assuming that throwing in the towel is the best option. Well it is not!

In life, when you face your fears and embrace the change to transform your life, then everything changes for the good and will probably ask yourself why you never took the decision a long time ago!

My suggestion is get into a room with people who have the same problem, listen and take expert advice from someone who has been there, not someone who has no clue as they will spend hours speculating about the outcome with no knowledge of the facts, the end result for you being zero progress.

You will feel much better when you start opening up, get busy with your plan of action, rebuild your confidence, face your Creditors and follow your plan.

That said, it’s time to get into a room! Time for you to Embrace change and a new way of life so I am offering 1 full Day Session in Dubai at a Hotel, for 100 people to attend my closed door Workshop.

For this Workshop I am offering you:

1) A complete overview of the psychology of getting into Debt and you will understand how you got there!

2) A complete overview of the steps you need to take to overcome your Debt-Crisis.

3) How to change and Transform the Emotional side of your Debt-Crisis because this is KEY.

4) A Blue Print for getting out of Debt and there will be procedures you may be unaware of that can be actioned.

5) How to face your Creditor.

6) How to Transform your Debt situation and be on your road to recovery.

7) The Art of Recouping lost Relationships.

Click on the option below and book your seat NOW! I am only opening this 1st Session for 2014 for 100 x individuals and I am positive that there is probably 100,000 of you out there, so if this resonates with you, then take the step now!

Forget about embarrassment, humiliation or not wanting to be in a room with others, because I am sure you are far beyond choices so you need to act right now! Choose the Debt-Crisis Workshop option below to book your seat.

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