Our future UAE based Executive & Entrepreneur Academy is seeking Key Sponsorship

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Our initiative is on hold in the interim, whilst we attempt securing Key Sponsorship for our future Events as we will be fully supporting young Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders to the next level.

The Question is: ‘Why should you attend and what is in it for you or your Organisation?”

The Answer is: This is the first time we have multiple US Expert Speakers, Authors & Entrepreneurs who are presenting key trend Topics, relevant to today’s GEN-Y Personality, Mindset, Ambitions and Preferences of how a new business is initiated as Start-up, focusing on Key Global offline and online Strategies, ingenious Methodologies and Visionary Concepts that can be immediately applied for Success!

Our Experts will address key Business Factors where Entrepreneurs and Corporates could be experiencing ‘pain areas’ that needs immediate action, resolution and success and they are equipped with years of ‘hands-on’ expertise to apply in the form of their experiences, products & solutions.

We shall present a Entrpreneurship Theme is for our 2 Day Dubai Event exclusively for Young Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Individuals who wish to transition from a Corporate to Entrepreneurship!

A Visionary Leadership Theme  is also planned in addition to the Entrepreneurship Theme  where our Target Audience is  focused to address the issues and solutions sought by Top Executives, Founders, established Entrepreneurs and Government who seek to advance their employees and Corporations to the next level!

Whilst with this initial Launch, TD International FZC a UAE Company established for almost a decade is hosting and is the Visionary Founder of the Executive and Entrepreneur Academy, the latter will be officially launched after the Seminar Events.

Lots of excitement, excellent Sponsorship and Hosts are involved in these prestigious Events with a few surprises for Delegates. Our Experts will be free to interact with you during breaks and after the Seminars, so we encourage you to approach us at the Event where we can discuss your requirements.

Our Vision is to Reach Out and Make a Difference, address your areas of concern and where you feel the need for advancement and we will present the most apt solutions and/or products relevant.

SPONSORSHIPS: We are currently seeking key Sponsorships for our 2014/15 Events where we are open to discussion. Should you or your Organization be interested, please just drop me a note as we look forward to collaborating and partnering with key UAE and ME Organizations.

Looking forward to meeting you at our Events!

Warmest Regards


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